WEAC are able to install Fire Alarm, Voice Alarm, Induction loop, Air Sampling and Fire Telephone systems, using experienced operatives and management teams

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Fixed price quotations will be provided along with a clear scope of works and definition of any exclusions and non-compliance(s).
Any pricing for additions and deductions, schedules of rates, costs for dayworks, etc. can all be confirmed upon request.


We are able to quote fixed prices the installation of these systems from sight of the project drawings and specification. We can provide a full schedule of the devices and system components to be installed and take-offs for the cable lengths required, for ease of comparison with other bids. All information is stored on a project by project basis so that any requested alterations can be immediately made with a revised price being made available within minutes. These alterations often include changes of cable types, variations of quantities, relocation of main panels, etc. WEAC aim to return completed tenders within 48 hours of receipt of information.


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Award of Contract

WEAC are able to confirm the proposed man power and sequence of works in order to complete the works in line with the required programme. We will consider damages and guarantees in proportion to the contract value of the works should this be a requirement of the main / sub contracts.


Prior to mobilising on site the WEAC Project Manager and Site Manager will attend site to establish the site conditions and required working practices. They will also collect construction issue drawings etc. Location for storage of plant and materials and Health and Safety issues will also be established. Upon mobilisation the plant and materials will be delivered to coincide with the commencement of the required works. Staff will attend induction training and obtain any necessary passes, work permits etc. prior to beginning any installation activities.


WEAC are able to represent themselves as required by the customer. Should this be required we would expect clothing and personal protection equipment to be provided with the required logo.
This representation often encourages heightened expectations of our operatives in regard to being directly instructed by the client, consultant, etc.. We therefore aim to set up a direct line of communications between our Site Foreman and our customers Project Manager. This ensures all efforts are made to support the main contractor / client, we will accept instructions from the customers Project Manager.

Approval of Materials and Workmanship

WEAC are able to supply details and samples of proposed materials at the customers request.

We aim to initiate the installation in a typical section of the building and offer this area for aesthetic and technical approval once completed. The continuing installation will use this as a model with the standard of workmanship and the materials use being based on this section.

Co-ordination of site

WEAC will appoint a Foreman and Site Manager for each project. We are able to attend site meetings at our customers request and co-ordinate our works with all other trades in order to maintain the installation programme, whilst ensuring an efficient continuity of works for ourselves and others.


Upon completion or any circuits or areas WEAC are able to provide test results and demonstrate if necessary.

Record Drawings

WEAC will provide marked up record drawings showing the sequence of wiring and an indication of the route(s) taken.

Commissioning Assistance

At least one operative who is familiar with the installation will handover the circuit test results, 'As Built' drawings and any other requested information. Our operatives will escort the commissioning engineer around the site demonstrating the installation, introducing major contacts and explaining how keys and work permits are obtained. The operative will remain present whilst the initial checks are made and the panel powered up. We can also provide continued assistance, at the customers request, for fitting devices, final termination's, etc.


We are able to offer 30 day payment terms from the date of invoice.
Generally these works fall under valuation contracts. We provide a breakdown on the first valuation date showing the sections of works which can be defined with appropriate values attached. This report will be updated monthly, showing the percentage and value of works completed, amounts previously claimed and the resulting claim this month. This can be emailed to the Project Manager for adjustment should this be considered necessary. Should this be agreed we would expect to raise a monthly invoice to this value.

Terms and Conditions

We are happy to look at the specific terms and conditions for any contract should ours not be in line with the requirements of the project


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